Telstra’s journey in commercialising 5G

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This is part 3 of a 3-part series taking an in-depth look at how 5G pioneers have evolved their approaches to commercialisation since launch, navigating a maze of factors such as handset availability, technology immaturity and more. What should others take from their experience to date?


Format: PDF filePages: 42 pagesCharts: 16Author: Nicola WarrenPublication Date: July 2021

Table of contents

    • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • Performance indicators to date
    • Details of launch
    • Consumer propositions
      • At launch…
      • …And now
      • Consumer monetisation summary
    • Business propositions
      • At launch…
      • …And now
      • Business monetisation summary
    • Analysis of 5G market developments
    • What next?
    • Conclusions
    • Index
    • Appendix 1

Table of Figures

    • Figure 1: Factors influencing 5G services monetisation
    • Figure 2: 5G deliverable in T22 plan
    • Figure 3: 5G devices connected to Telstra’s network since launch
    • Figure 4: AUD ($) increase in TMMC on PCP for postpay handheld customers
    • Figure 5: Telstra’s network at launch
    • Figure 6: Telstra’s consumer proposition at launch
    • Figure 7: Telstra entertainment subscription services
    • Figure 8: Telstra Upfront Mobile Plans
    • Figure 9: Telstra business propositions at launch
    • Figure 10: Adaptive Mobility Solution
    • Figure 11: Current Telstra business propositions
    • Figure 12: Telstra Purple services
    • Figure 13: Telstra 5G coverage map
    • Figure 14: 5G service monetisation factors for Telstra
    • Figure 15: Telstra’s 5G monetisation areas
    • Figure 16: Telstra current consumer 5G propositions

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Companies & technologies covered: AWS, Ericsson, Microsoft, Telstra, Telstra Industrial Network Solutions, Telstra Programmable Network, Telstra Purple, Telstra SD-WAN,