Forecasting capacity of network edge computing

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There is much debate in the industry on the topic of telco edge computing, but little clarity for players within the telecoms industry and potential customers on how much capacity will be available. This report forecasts the capacity of network edge data centres from 2021-2025.


Format: PDF filePages: 42 pagesCharts: 19Author: STL PartnersPublication Date: December 2021

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Table of contents

    • Executive summary
    • Introduction
    • There are 3 key factors determining telco edge data centre build out
    • Logically, most network edge will be in the transport aggregation layer
    • Geographically, we will see a shift in the concentration of network edge data centres
    • The limited capacity at network edge DCs will largely be used for edge applications
    • Most telecoms operators are taking a hybrid approach to building their edge
    • Conclusions and next steps
    • Appendix: Methodology

Table of Figures

    • Figure 1: Forecast scope in terms of edge locations and workload types
    • Figure 2: Key factors determining network edge build
    • Figure 3: Network edge computing strategies
    • Figure 4: Most early movers are positioning edge with 5G
    • Figure 5: Comparison of operators’ initial launch dates for 5G and edge computing
    • Figure 6: Cox Edge already has 15 locations available
    • Figure 7: Verizon’s network edge sites are all positioned in urban centres
    • Figure 8: Global network edge data centre forecast (sites and servers)
    • Figure 9: Network edge locations
    • Figure 10: China Mobile’s edge architecture
    • Figure 11: SK Telecom’s edge architecture
    • Figure 12: Number of edge sites globally by location type
    • Figure 13: Number of edge sites by region
    • Figure 14: Network edge capacity by region (2021 and 2025)
    • Figure 15: Illustrative example of a network edge data centre and capacity by workload type
    • Figure 16: Network edge capacity by workload type
    • Figure 17: Most hyperscaler-CSP partnership for edge centre on enabling applications
    • Figure 18: Telcos estimate a third of network edge infrastructure will be provided by a hyperscaler
    • Figure 19: (Telco) network edge capacity will be a mix of hyperscaler platforms and telco-owned platforms

Keywords: access network, application, capacity, core network, data centre, edge computing, enterprise, Forecast, Hyperscalers, network edge, RAN, servers, sites, telco edge, telcos

Companies & technologies covered: SK Telecom, Chine Mobile, Verizon, Cox Edge, Airtel, Vodafone, KDDI, AT&T, Telstra, AWS