A3 for telcos: Mapping the financial value

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We consider the potential financial value of adding analytics, AI and automation (A3) into a telco’s processes. Our modelling assesses the value of A3 in more than 150 processes across core network operations, customer care channels, and sales and marketing.


Format: PDF filePages: 27 pagesCharts: 14Author: Charlotte PatrickPublication Date: May 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Where is the largest financial benefit from A3?
    • What should telcos prioritise in the short term?
    • How long will it take for telcos to realise this value?
    • What next?
  • Introduction
    • Methodology
  • Breaking down the value of A3 by operational area
    • Network, OSS and BSS
    • Fraud management
    • Care and commercial channels
    • Marketing and sales
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Financial value of A3 across the telco organisation
  • Figure 2: Characteristics of an average telco
  • Figure 3: Breakdown of the average annual financial value of A3 by business area
  • Figure 4: A3 in telcos financial modelling methodology
  • Figure 5: When and how telcos capture the value of A3 varies depending on the type of use case
  • Figure 6: Breakdown of the annual value of A3 in network, OSS and BSS
  • Figure 7: Annual value of A3 in resource management, network deployment and testing and incident management, US$ millions
  • Figure 8: Huawei use of AI to reduce energy consumption
  • Figure 9: EXFO topology management
  • Figure 10: Detailed breakdown of value of A3 in service assurance, US$ millions
  • Figure 11: Annual value of A3 in fraud prevention, US$ millions
  • Figure 12: Annual value of A3 in care and digital commerce channels, US$ millions
  • Figure 13: Annual value of A3 in marketing and sales, US$ millions
  • Figure 14: Expected relative value from A3 across the telco

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: AI, analytics, automation, chatbots, customer care, financial model, Forecast, fraud, Machine Learning, marketing, nfv, NFV lifecycle management, predictive maintenance, sales, unassisted care, Use cases