36 blockchain applications: What’s next?

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This report explores 36 potential blockchain use cases for telecoms, identifying the current pain point, how blockchain could help, the business driver for telcos, and real world examples.


Format: PDF filePages: 50 pagesAuthor: Dalia Adib, Tilly GilbertPublication Date: July 2019

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Table of use cases
  • Tracking / registry
  • Data access / transfer
  • Identity / authentication
  • Transactions
  • Settlements
  • Token exchange 

For each of these use cases, this report covers:

  • The current problem or pain point
  • How blockchain can help solve the problem
  • Which of the following blockchain characteristics are most relevant to the use case
    • Security: Decentralisation makes tampering with records or DDOS attacks extremely difficult
    • Cost efficiency: Shared ledgers can disintermediate middlemen
    • Traceability: Immutable, transparent record
    • Business process speed: Automation through smart contracts
    • Token value: Holding real-world value in digital assets, such as loyalty points
    • Neutral and equal: Shared ownership through consensus mechanisms
    • Confidentiality: Blockchain can enable collaboration without having to publicise sensitive information (particularly in a consortium/private application)
  • Type of blockchain most suited to the use case (public, permissioned public, or permissioned private)
  • The business drivers for telcos, such as:
    • Increase existing revenues
    • Decrease costs
    • New revenues: market disruption
    • New revenues: new market
    • Compliance / regulation
    • Customer experience
  • Real world examples in development or production
  • Potential challenges or barriers to adoption

Keywords: blockchain, collaboration, Coordination age, decentralisation, identity, Innovation, transactions