Telco health strategies: Learning from TELUS and Babylon’s telehealth partnership

With the right strategy and appetite for a long term commitment, healthcare can be a very promising growth vertical for telcos. In this webinar, Amy Cameron will outline telcos’ right to play, potential business models and focus areas for telcos in health.

In the context of COVID-19, telehealth is clearly a key opportunity in healthcare. To understand what it really takes to succeed in this market, we are joined by David Thomas, Managing Principal of Global Health Strategy at TELUS, and Mairi Johnson, Head of Corporate Development at Babylon Health.

With them we discussed:
– How do they work together?
– What are the potential partnership models between telcos and digital health players?
– What are the pre-requisites for telcos to build successful partnerships in health?
– And open to your questions

Webinar preview: Digital health – a new priority for telcos due to COVID?

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Presenters & Panellists

Amy Cameron

Amy Cameron

Senior Analyst

STL Partners

Mairi Johnson

Mairi Johnson

Head of Corporate Development

Babylon Health

David Thomas

David Thomas

Managing Principal of Global Health Strategy


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