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The Internet of Things (IoT): What’s Hot, and How?

The Internet of Things (IoT): What’s Hot, and How?

‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT) is one of the big ideas of the moment. But what are the areas in which value is being created now, and what is still technological hype? A summary of the findings of the Digital Things session at the NDE Executive Brainstorm, Silicon Valley, held at the InterContinental Hotel, San Francisco on the 20th March 2013. (April 2013)
Building Blocks Urgently Needed for IoT April 2013

Digital Things 2.0: Report and Analysis of the EMEA 2012 Event

Digital Things 2.0: The findings of the fourth Digital Things 2.0 Executive Brainstorm, part of the New Digital Economics EMEA event held in London on June 12-13. The Brainstorm explored the challenges and opportunities in the M2M market, the Internet of Things, service enablement platforms, and the importance of data analytics.
Digital Things 2.0: Event Summary Analysis Presentation

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