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Reliance Unlimit IoT stack and partners

Reliance Unlimit’s IoT technology stack (chart)

Source: STL Partners Unlimit was established in 2016 as the branch of Reliance Group (including Jio) to capture the opportunities presented by the development of the Indian IoT market. At the time, the market seemed ready to adopt IoT solutions and various Indian government initiatives were stressing the importance of the IoT for Indian economies. In order to capture this …

AI on the Smartphone: What telcos should do

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more powerful and affordable than ever, and the leading consumer-facing AI platforms – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – are in an arms race to bring the technology to smartphones. AI will radically change the way people use smartphones, but what are the implications for data traffic and consumer expectations, and what role should telcos play in this evolution?

How to build an open source telco – and why?

Building a telco based on ‘free’ open source software is theoretically highly attractive to telcos, particularly those looking to increase their control over innovation and differentiation, and/or where cost reduction is critical. This report looks at how to address the challenges, identifies practical options and choices, and how, when and why to go about open source transformation in the real world.

Cloud 2.0: Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) vs. Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Cloud 2.0: Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) vs. Software Defined Networking (SDN)

This extract from our recent Executive Briefing on Software Defined Networking (SDN), describes ‘Network Functions Virtualisation’ (NFV), the problems it solves, and how it relates to SDN. (June 2013, Foundation 2.0, Executive Briefing Service, Cloud & Enterprise ICT Stream.)
Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) Approach June 2013

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