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Digital Commerce 2.0: New $50bn Disruptive Opportunities for Telcos, Banks and Technology Players

Digital Commerce 2.0: New $50bn Disruptive Opportunities for Telcos, Banks and Technology Players

Telcos, Internet and technology players, banks and payment networks have disruptive $billion opportunities to act as intermediaries / enablers in mobile commerce and personal cloud services, based on the appropriate use of customer data. This report is a unique and comprehensive strategic guide for success in these roles. It analyses the strategies of the main and cutting-edge players, and outlines key success factors in designing and delivering customer propositions, technology, organisation and value network strategies. It also includes evaluations of the related strategic opportunities of ‘raw big data’, professional data services, and internal data use, and a business model showing how one type of candidate for the intermediary role, a telco, could grow profitable new revenues equivalent to c.$50Bn (5% of existing core revenues) within five years. (October 2013, Dealing with Dsiruption Stream). Telco 2.0 Transformation Index Small

Digital Commerce 2.0: Report and analysis of the Silicon Valley Event 2012

Digital Commerce 2.0: A summary of the findings of the Digital Commerce 2.0 Executive Brainstorm, 28 March 2012, held in the Marriott Hotel, San Francisco, part of the New Digital Economics Silicon Valley event. The Brainstorm explored how to scale adoption of mobile wallets, enable new forms of ‘localised commerce’, how individuals and companies can harness personal data, and what sorts of enablement platforms telcos should create. (July 2012, Executive Briefing Service, Dealing with Disruption Stream).
Digital Commerce 2.0: Event Summary Analysis Presentation

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