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STL classics: The original Telco 2.0 two-sided business model (chart)

Since 2011, through the Telco 2.0 vision (our shorthand for ‘what a future telco should look like’), STL Partners has argued that telcos need to make fundamental changes to their business models in response to the commoditisation of connectivity and the ‘softwarisation’ of all industries, including telecoms. The debate around whether telcos should try complement connectivity with other services is …

AT&T placed a big bet on advertising, but can it pay off? (charts)

Content and ad tech investments drive AT&T’s advertising revenues up Source: AT&T Q4 2018 earnings report In June 2018, AT&T acquired Time Warner for US$109 billion and established its WarnerMedia unit (including Warner Brothers Studios and Turner Channels). The purchase quadrupled its advertising inventory, which was further extended with the purchase of a controlling stake in Otter Media (valued at …

Five viable business models for operators in edge computing

Five viable business models for operators in edge computing (chart)

The potential business model for operators varies depending on the operator’s existing capabilities and their levels of commitment to invest in the edge market. STL Partners has identified five key roles operators can play in the edge computing market. Telcos have opportunities at the edge but considering the strong competition, it’s crucial for them to leverage their early entry to …

Why telco innovation is broken and how to fix it

Why telco innovation is broken and how to fix it (chart)

Our research shows that to succeed in innovation, telcos must evaluate proposed new services or products much more painstakingly in three areas: User acceptance: making sure the product meets a real user need or requirement Market understanding: having a clear vision of where the ROI is coming from Business structure: making an objective decision about whether to build in-house, acquire, …

Leading telco edge computing activities globally, July 2020 (chart)

Leading telco edge computing activities globally, July 2020 (chart)

The stages of edge planning and deployment as well as the level of commitment to invest in edge vary greatly among operators, with some already planning to build out edge compute infrastructure, while others are prioritising platforms. However, in terms of use cases, many operators are coalescing around a few key applications, such as video analytics and AR/VR, where they …

Telco ecosystems: How to make them work

Telcos (and others) have had mixed results from their experience of ecosystems. We look at AT&T Community, DTAG’s Qivicon, GSMA Mobile Connect, TIP and Android to analyse success factors and approaches to maximise the potential of future ecosystem initiatives.

Telco Cloud June Update: Hyperscalers vs. Telcos, NFV Goes Mainstream

Are hyperscale cloud players attractive telco partners, or are they going after the connectivity business? The industry is awash with questions. We look at some of this below – as well companies to watch. Meanwhile, we’re seeing several networking technologies moving along the maturity curve. Our data shows that NFV is now mainstream. Technologies that were previously just hype (Open …

5G Bridging the gap from hype to reality

5G: Bridging hype, reality and future promises

What should telcos do to bridge the gaps between current hype, actual performance, and future promises on 5G? We argue that a data-driven and forensic approach to roll-out and marketing will be the key, particularly in the uncertain economic environment driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, and review the timelines for future applications.

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