telcos enabling data-driven customers

The future of data monetisation: Enabling data-driven customers

Telcos have been creating data related products and services to support their enterprise customers for the last 10 years. As this market expands into a wider range of more complex customer needs, we explore where the best opportunities are for telcos to support enterprises in their transformation into data-driven organisations.

Empowering hybrid working

The world is entering the post-pandemic era of hybrid working. This report dissects enterprise perceptions of hybrid working and argues that operators have a crucial role to play in building a thriving hybrid working environment for enterprise customers.

Enterprise Wi-Fi 6 6E 7

Enterprise Wi-Fi 6/7 is here to stay: 5G is not enough

Wi-Fi will retain its preeminent position for enterprise in-building connectivity, despite hype about 5G. New Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 generations are game-changers that entrench and extend its role and utility in verticals, especially with 6GHz spectrum. Telcos and policymakers should broaden their vision towards “network diversity” rather than solely focusing on 5G.