Your Text is on Fire: OTT’s to burn 40% SMS revenue by 2015

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In four years’ time, Telco SMS revenue will decline on average by around 40% across Europe and the Middle East according to the senior execs at this month’s Telco 2.0 brainstorm in London. The main cause is competitive pressure from ‘OTT’ alternatives (Facebook, Skype, Google, BBM, etc). Mobile voice isn’t that far behind, with a 20% decline foreseen. What can be done and what is the role of RCS-e? (November 2011, Executive Briefing Service, Dealing with Disruption Stream). EMEA Messaging Decline reasons Nov 2011


Format: PDF filePages: 16 pagesCharts: 8Author: STL research teamPublication Date: November 2011

Table of Contents

  • What else can be done?
  • A new strategy framework for Messaging and Voice 2.0 Strategies
  • Developing alternative sources of value

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1 – Predicted decline of mobile telco messaging revenues
  • Figure 2 – Causes of predicted mobile messaging decline
  • Figure 3 – Predicted decline of mobile carrier voice revenues
  • Figure 4 – Causes of predicted mobile voice revenue decline
  • Figure 5 – Who should telcos support / fear most in voice and messaging?
  • Figure 6 – Will RCS-e offer an attractive alternative to OTT services?
  • Figure 7 – Is RCS-e ‘too little too late’?
  • Figure 8 – Strategic Messaging and Voice options for operators

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