Vision stories: Getting the most for transformation

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Change agents know that stakeholders need a picture of the future – or “vision” – to point the way for a transformation. Yet visions can do more to unite and inspire action. How can telcos improve them?


Format: PDF filePages: 38 pagesCharts: 21Author: Nicola Warren, Vikki EcclesPublication Date: September 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Five recommendations for the “vision story”
    • The scope of transformation and the need for a story
    • Comparison of approaches
    • Next Steps
  • Introduction
  • What is a vision?
    • Why does a vision matter?
  • Spark New Zealand
    • The need for change at Spark
    • The scope of Spark’s transformation
    • How Spark communicated its vision for transformation
    • Leaders invested time in communication
    • Summary of Spark’s practices and results
  • BT Digital, UK
    • The need for change at BT Digital
    • The scope of BT Digital’s transformation
    • How BT Digital communicated its vision for transformation
    • Summary of BT Digital’s practices and results
  • M1, Singapore
    • The need for change at M1
    • The scope of M1’s transformation
    • How M1 communicated its vision for transformation
    • Driving the vision home
    • Summary of M1’s practices and results
  • Conclusions and recommendations
    • What to communicate
    • How to communicate
    • The role of leaders
    • Recommendations

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Scope of transformation continuum
  • Figure 2: Comparison of vision practices
  • Figure 3: Telcos are putting transformation visions in place
  • Figure 4: The quality of an executive vision facilitates transformation
  • Figure 5: A vision reveals the need for change
  • Figure 6: The detail of Spark’s “plan on a page”
  • Figure 7: Sinek’s “Golden Circle
  • Figure 8: Simon Moutter addressing employees at Spark (video link)
  • Figure 9: Spark’s LinkedIn profile
  • Figure 10: Spark’s practices
  • Figure 11: BT Digital’s strategic opportunities
  • Figure 12: BT’s “plan on a page”
  • Figure 13: BT Digital’s mission
  • Figure 14: Principles of the Digital Way
  • Figure 15: BT Digital LinkedIn profile
  • Figure 16: #Accelerate on Twitter
  • Figure 17: BT Digital’s practices
  • Figure 18: M1’s “Digital Ambition”
  • Figure 19: M1’s practices
  • Figure 20: Scope of transformation
  • Figure 21: Comparison of vision practices

Keywords: agile, agile at scale, BT Digital, company mission, company vision, Culture, Digital Acceleration Index, Digital maturity, leadership, purpose, Spark New Zealand, stakeholders, story, storytelling, Strategy, transformation, Vision, vision story