How to Spot a “Business Model Problem”

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What is a ‘business model problem’? How can you tell when you’ve got one? What are the key business model challenges faced by telcos today, and how should they address them? (February 2012, Foundation 2.0) Rabbit in Headlights


Format: PDF filePages: 14 pagesCharts: 8Author: STL PartnersPublication Date: February 2012

Table of contents

    • Introduction
    • What is a business model?
    • What is a ‘business model problem’?
      • How to spot a business model problem
      • Why is changing your business model so difficult?6
    • Why is digital business model innovation so important?
      • Apple, Google, Facebook – classic business model innovators
      • The ‘Great Game’
      • Disrupting the telcos
      • ‘Under-The-Floor’ (UTF) Players
      • Disruptions in Digital Entertainment and Commerce
    • Driving – or defending against – disruptive innovations
    • About STL Partners and Telco 2.0

Table of Figures

    • Figure 1 – STL Partners’ Five Part Business Model Framework
    • Figure 2 – Why is business model change so difficult?
    • Figure 3 – The ‘Great Game’
    • Figure 4 – Telco Business Model Innovation Challenges
    • Figure 5 – The impact of ‘OTT’ players on telcos’ business model
    • Figure 6 – Other ecosystem players, including potential ‘Under-The-Floor’ (UTF) Players
    • Figure 7 – The Telco 2.0™ ‘two-sided’ telecoms business model
    • Figure 8 – EMEA and APAC New Digital Economics delegates’ views of Telco 0 Strategies

Keywords: Telco 2.0, Strategy, Business Model Innovation

Companies & technologies covered: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Skype,