The Telco Cloud Manifesto

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STL Partners believes that telco cloud is a crucial enabler for operators’ success in the Coordination Age. In this manifesto we explain why.


Format: PDF filePages: 13 pagesCharts: 4Author: Yesmean Luk, David MartinPublication Date: March 2021

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Telco cloud: A key enabler of the Coordination Age
    • The Coordination Age is coming
    • How telecoms can define a new role
  • Telco cloud: The growth enabler for the telecoms industry
    • Telecoms revenue growth has stalled, traffic has not
    • Telco cloud: A new approach to the network
    • …a fundamental shift in what it means to be an operator
    • …and the driver of future telecoms differentiation and growth
  • Realising the telco cloud vision
    • Moving to telco cloud is challenging
    • Different operator segments will take different paths

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: The role of telco cloud in the Coordination Age
  • Figure 2: Challenges that slow down the ability to realise the telco cloud vision
  • Figure 3: The old versus new telco models
  • Figure 4: Outline of three Telco Cloud adoption models


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: B2B2x, Business Model, cloud platform, cloud-native, Coordination age, Devops, Innovation, network, nfv, telco cloud