The Industrial IoT: What’s the telco opportunity?

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An overview of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), taking a buyers’eye view of current offerings, identifying issues and potential opportunities for telcos and others.


Format: PDF filePages: 44 pagesCharts: 18Author: Andrew Collinson, Amy CameronPublication Date: October 2019

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • Three types of IoT
    • The proliferation of IoT platforms
    • Making sense of the confusion
  • The state of the IoT industry
    • In the beginning, there was SCADA
    • Then there were specialised industrial automation systems
    • IoT providers are learning about evolving customer needs
  • Overview of IoT solution providers
    • Generalist scaled IT players
    • The Internet players (Amazon, Google and Microsoft)
    • Large-scale manufacturers
    • Transformation / IoT specialists
    • Big telco vendors
    • Telecoms operators
    • Other connectivity-led players
  • Conclusions and recommendations
    • A buyers’ eye view: Too much choice, not enough agility
    • How telcos can help – and succeed over the long term in IoT

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Most “IoT platforms” combine at least two layers across this IoT stack
  • Figure 2: Software AG survey on IoT in manufacturing and supply chain
  • Figure 3: Microsoft survey suggests IoT is critical to success and expanding adoption
  • Figure 4: Microsoft survey on top IoT challenges
  • Figure 5: Where did different IoT solutions providers start from?
  • Figure 6: Examples of how IoT providers have expanded across the IoT stack
  • Figure 7: Accenture’s six steps to ‘Industry X.0’
  • Figure 8: Oracle’s IoT Clouds
  • Figure 9: AWS IoT “How it works” suggests it is a generic assembly of AWS components
  • Figure 10: Schematic of the Bosch IoT Suite
  • Figure 11: Bosch’s IoT Gateway Software
  • Figure 12: Huawei’s OceanConnect IoT Platform
  • Figure 13: Cisco’s Kii IoT application areas
  • Figure 14: Screenshot of AT&T’s Business IoT Products and Solutions
  • Figure 15: Vodafone and AT&T’s IIoT websites look very similar
  • Figure 16: Reliance UNLIMIT’s target markets and partner ecosystem
  • Figure 17: Sigfox’s claimed network coverage
  • Figure 18: The LoRa Alliance – claimed coverage

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: analytics, AWS, Bosch, google, Honeywell, industrial IoT, Machine Learning, manufacturing, microsoft, supply chain, Thingworx