Scaling private cellular and edge: How to avoid POC and pilot purgatory

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We evaluate how enterprises are exploring private cellular and edge, the challenges they face in scaling existing proofs of concept and pilots and how they and telco operators can overcome them.


Format: PDF filePages: 27 pagesCharts: 10Author: Yesmean LukPublication Date: April 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • Evaluating the opportunities with private cellular and edge
    • Telcos see private cellular and edge as two peas in a pod…
    • …but this is not necessarily the case with enterprises
    • Most private cellular or edge trials or PoCs have yet to scale
  • Edge and private cellular as different tracks
    • Enterprises that understand private cellular don’t always understand edge (and vice versa)
    • Edge and private cellular are pursued as distinct initiatives
  • Breaking free from PoC purgatory
    • Lack of stakeholder alignment
    • Ecosystem inertia
    • Unable to build the business case
  • Addressing different deployment pathways
    • Tactical solutions versus strategic transformations
    • Find trigger points as key opportunities for scaling
    • Readiness of solutions: Speed and ease of deployment
  • Recommendations for enterprises
  • Recommendations for telco operators
  • Recommendations for others
    • Application providers, device manufacturers and OEMs
    • Regulators

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Private cellular combines the benefits of fixed and wireless in a tailored way
  • Figure 2: Edge computing combines local and cloud compute benefits to end-users
  • Figure 3: Private cellular and edge compute addresses key needs in different ways
  • Figure 4: Most live deployments to date have been smaller scale ones with private LTE
  • Figure 5: Understanding of edge compute and private cellular don’t always come hand-in-hand
  • Figure 6: Key decision makers or stakeholders for private cellular and edge
  • Figure 7: Many early deployments fail to scale due to three key challenges
  • Figure 8: Different stakeholder groups have differing needs and priorities
  • Figure 9: Two broad deployment pathways for private cellular and edge compute
  • Figure 10: Common trigger points for scaling private cellular and edge


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: automated guided vehicles, brownfield deployments, business case, digital twins, EcoSystem, edge computing, hybrid networks, legacy applications, operational technology, Private 5G, Private LTE, proofs of concept, public 5G networks, reliability, remote monitoring, security, spectrum, stakeholders, strategic transformation, tactical deployments, Use cases, Wi-Fi