Can telcos create a compelling smart home?

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Can telcos coordinate a compelling smart home? How AT&T, Deutsche Telekom and Orange are taking on GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) in the fast-growing smart home market.


Format: PDF filePages: 37 pagesCharts: 10Author: David PringlePublication Date: January 2019

Table of contents

    • Executive Summary 
    • Introduction
    • The smart home market
    • Sizing the smart home space
    • How important are smart speakers?
    • The Internet players and their strategies
    • The Internet platforms jostle for position
    • Amazon bets big on Alexa
    • Google plays aggressive defence
    • Apple plays the premium game
    • Facebook struggles to differentiate
    • Utilities/security companies
    • Consumer electronics/appliances
    • The role of telcos in the smart home
    • Deutsche Telekom offers data protection
    • Does DT need its own voice?
    • Differentiation through data protection?
    • AT&T changes course
    • Conclusions
    • A major opportunity to cut complexity
    • Internet players don’t have a stranglehold

Table of Figures

    • Figure 1: The smart home ecosystem is complex and fragmented
    • Figure 2: Amazon and Google face growing competition in the smart speaker market
    • Figure 3: Alexa is integrated into the control panel of Amazon’s new microwave
    • Figure 4: The new Google Home Hub is designed to be fairly proactive
    • Figure 5: Facebook’s premium Portal has a rotating screen and a video camera
    • Figure 6: The Magenta Smarthome app can manage temperature, security and lighting
    • Figure 7: Deutsche Telekom’s growing smart home service
    • Figure 8: DT’s new smart speaker
    • Figure 9: Some of the functionality available from AT&T’s Digital Life service
    • Figure 10: AT&T’s LTE-M enabled button works with AWS to perform a specific task

Keywords: Alexa, Consumer IoT, Coordination age, data protection, Google home, security, smart speakers, smart home, voice interface, ecosystem

Companies & technologies covered: Alexa, Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Google, Facebook, Echo, Orange