Personal Data: how to make it a viable, customer-centred industry

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For ‘Personal Data’ to realize its potential as a new class of economic asset there needs to be a global, cross-industry approach that empowers and protects consumer users, enables businesses, and that has scope for appropriate governance. This report is a summary of the significant progress made towards this aim made by the World Economic Forum’s Re-thinking Personal Data ‘Tiger Team’, facilitated by STL Partners with the support of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, MIT Media Lab, Microsoft, Ctrl-Shift and other leading experts, at meetings held in March 2012 in San Jose, and in London in June 2012. (July 2012) WEF Personal Data principles draft June 2012 small


Format: PDF filePages: 17 pagesCharts: 08Author: STL research teamPublication Date: July 2012

Table of Contents

  • Guiding Principles
  • The Market: evolving use cases
  • Industry Structure: the Personal Data Landscape
  • Legal: creating a bridging framework
  • Technical Stream: creating a universal language
  • Personal Data Rights Language (PDRL)
  • Next Steps

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1 – A Selection of Other Legal Principles and Guidelines Examined
  • Figure 2 – Updated draft of the WEF Personal Data Principles
  • Figure 3 – The emerging landscape of uses
  • Figure 4 – The Personal Data Landscape
  • Figure 5 – The ‘BLT’ Approach – Business, Legal, Technical Mapping
  • Figure 7- ’System Rules Architecture’ for Legal Frameworks
  • Figure 7 – Rough Example of PDRL ‘Mark Up’ Language
  • Figure 8 – WEF Personal Data Milestone Roadmap

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 2, business, customer, data, information, Innovation, model, Personal Data, Privacy, stl partners, Strategy, Telco, Tiger Team, World Economic Forum