Growing B2B revenues from edge: Five new telco services

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Edge computing offers an opportunity for operators to grow their B2B businesses. This report outlines five types of B2B edge services that telcos can offer, and the key considerations to ensure success.

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Format: PDF filePages: 30 pagesCharts: 9Author: Miran GilmorePublication Date: December 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Strategic principles for B2B telco edge
    • Telcos’ B2B businesses today
    • Three telco strategies for B2B edge
    • On-premise edge and network edge are separate opportunities
    • Telcos are open to partnering with the hyperscalers for edge
  • Five types of B2B edge services
    • Edge-to-cloud networking
    • Private edge infrastructure
    • Network edge platforms
    • Multi-edge and cloud orchestration
    • Vertical solutions
  • Evaluating the opportunity: How should telcos prioritise?
    • It’s not just about technology
    • However, significant value creation does not come easy
    • Telcos should consider new business models to ensure success
  • Next steps for telcos in building B2B edge services
    • Prioritise services to monetise edge
    • Evaluate the role of partners
    • Work closely with customers given that edge is still nascent
  • Appendix
    • Interviewee overview
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Maturity levels of telcos’ B2B business
  • Figure 2: Telcos see edge as achieving different strategic goals
  • Figure 3: The edge computing value chain
  • Figure 4: Routes across the network – from device to edge to cloud
  • Figure 5: The edge opportunity is fragmented across on-premise and network edge
  • Figure 6: STL Partners has identified five types of B2B edge services
  • Figure 7: Key features of the five types of B2B edge services
  • Figure 8: Telcos’ readiness to build and take services to market
  • Figure 9: Expected size of opportunity (value) vs. ease of go-to-market

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: application, B2B, Business Model, edge, edge computing, enterprise, MEC, Telco, telco edge, use-case