Driving the agility flywheel: the stepwise journey to agile

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We evaluate how the concept of agility has changed, its relevance to telecoms and what telco operators are doing to transition to more agile operating models to capture new monetisation opportunities.


Format: PDF filePages: 18 pagesCharts: 7Author: Yesmean Luk, Yannick MayaudPublication Date: May 2021

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Agility is front of mind, now more than ever
    • Concepts of agility have crystallised in meaning
    • Same problem, different constraints
  • Ambitions to be a software-centric business
    • Cloudification is supporting the need for agility
    • A balance between seemingly opposing concepts
  • You are only as agile as your slowest limb
    • Agility is achieved stepwise across three fronts
    • Agile IT and networks in the decoupled model
    • Renewed need for orchestration that is dynamic
    • Enabling and monetising telco capabilities
    • Creating momentum for the agility flywheel
  • Recommendations and conclusions

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Competition, customer and complexity is driving the need for agility
  • Figure 2: Agility is about balancing flexibility and stability
  • Figure 3: The ‘Agility Flywheel’ driving agility through stepwise iterations
  • Figure 4: The move to agile IT and networks
  • Figure 5: Network slices can be designed to serve different needs
  • Figure 6: From over-the-top (OTT) to network-enabled applications
  • Figure 7: External market impacts or impetus can help overcome initial inertia


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