Microsoft, Affirmed and Metaswitch: What does it mean for telecoms?

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Our in-depth analysis of Microsoft’s play in the telecoms market, why it acquired Affirmed Networks and Metaswitch, and what telcos should do about it.


Format: PDF filePages: 52 pagesCharts: 11Author:  David MartinPublication Date: August 2020

Table of contents

    • Executive Summary
      • Microsoft wants to be a win-win partner
      • What should telcos and others do?
      • Next steps
    • Introduction
      • What is Microsoft doing, and should telcos be worried?
    • What has Microsoft done?
      • Microsoft’s telecom timeline
    • What is Microsoft’s strategy?
      • Microsoft’s five partnership and service models
      • The ‘Azure for Operators’ portfolio completes the set
      • 5G, cloud-native and net compute: Microsoft places itself at the heart of telco industry transformation
      • Cellular connectivity – particularly 5G – is pivotal
    • Telco-hyperscaler business models: What should telcos do?
      • Different hyperscalers have different telco strategies: comparison between Azure, AWS and Google Cloud
      • What should telcos do? Compete, consume or collaborate?
    • Microsoft’s ecosystem partnership model: What counts as success for telcos?
      • More important to grow the ecosystem than share of the value chain
      • Real-world examples: AT&T versus Verizon
    • Conclusion: Telcos should stay in the net compute game – and Microsoft wants be a partner
    • Appendix 1: Analysis of milestones of Microsoft’s journey into telecoms
    • Appendix 2: Opportunities and risks of different types of telco-hyperscaler partnership
    • Index

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Five business models for partnerships
Figure 2: Microsoft Azure’s telcos strategy
Figure 3: Microsoft’s move on telecoms
Figure 4: Five business models for partnerships
Figure 5: Net compute
Figure 6: The pieces in the Azure for Operators jigsaw
Figure 7: Net compute
Figure 8: AWS and GC ‘consume’ the telco network; Microsoft Azure enables it
Figure 9: Opportunities and risks of different types of telco-hyperscaler partnership
Figure 10: Assembling the pieces of a comprehensive offer to telcos
Figure 11: Opportunities and risks of telco-hyperscaler partnerships

Keywords:5G, Cloud, edge computing, enterprise, Hyperscalers, partnership, Platform, Strategy, telco cloud, telcos, verticals, Virtualisation
Companies & technologies covered:AWS, Azure, Metaswitch, microsoft