Venture capital seems keen to invest in edge – data chart

Edge compute is proving attractive to investors.

Our chart of the week looks at recent VC investment, highlighting four edge companies that have achieved increased backing.

Bar chart showing some VC investment in edge

Investment houses want to tap into revenue growth and/or sustained income and believe edge could offer this. Packet alone has more than doubled capital injection in 2 yrs ($9.4m in August 2016 & $25m in September 2017). So the markets must see edge’s utility and potential. It’s also worth noting the spectrum of investment houses looking to back this new technology. Saudi, US, UK and Japanese tech investors have all bitten, as well as Dell Technologies venture arm. Softbank are one of the big investors in Packet.

And other operators are also chasing edge, like Deutsche Telekom investing in start-up MobiledgeX, Inc. Yuval Bachar says edge will “bring a new innovation wave.” Indeed Santhosh Rao says Gartner predicts, by 2022, 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created & processed outside a traditional, centralised data centre or cloud.

Maybe the smart money is on edge?