Telco Cloud June Update: Hyperscalers vs. Telcos, NFV Goes Mainstream

Are hyperscale cloud players attractive telco partners, or are they going after the connectivity business? The industry is awash with questions. We look at some of this below – as well companies to watch.

Meanwhile, we’re seeing several networking technologies moving along the maturity curve. Our data shows that NFV is now mainstream. Technologies that were previously just hype (Open RAN, cloud native cores) are now being deployed for real.

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Telco cloud in the news: recent highlights

More hyperscaler telco action…

Last month I wrote  about the buzz surrounding Microsoft’s acquisition of telco vendors Affirmed and Metaswitch.

This month, cloud rivals Google are making noises too, announcing a new partnership with Telefónica in Spain as part of their telco industry strategy.

Google has been keen to emphasise its role as a partner alongside other vendors (AmdocsNetcracker) and the telcos themselves (AT&T, Telecom Italia, T-Systems, and now Telefónica). Will this more collaborative approach help them to gain a headstart over Amazon Web Services, the cloud market leader but arguably a bit behind in the telco space? Let me know what you think!

…but new clouds are coming…

A bunch of companies including Deustche Telekom have launched Gaia-X, a decentralised Euro cloud, intended as an alternative (not competitior) to the hyperscalers. In TelecomTV I acknowledge the short-term demand for localised cloud, but also question whether this approach will pay off in the long-term.


…and cloud native is ramping up

Cloud native network tech is finally being deployed (yes, not just hype), while old-school NFV is going mainstream. In particular, next month, we expect to hear more about working deployments of 5G cores (e.g. what came out this week about NEC/Rakuten).

As always, this is just a subset of what’s going on right now – read more on our hub!


Telco cloud research: latest from STL Partners

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The tracker covers only verified production deployments of NFV and SDN powering live services, where we can be confident that the data on the VNFs and IT components involved is accurate. The latest update, released in June 2020, contains details on 689 NFV/SDN deployments made up of around 1,400 sub-components.

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Telco cloud articles

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Insights on Virtualisation, NFV & SDN: The current state of telco cloud in the industry

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