Edge computing forecast 2020-2030: 20 use cases

STL Partners has developed extensive expertise in edge computing, working with telcos and tech companies to identify their strategies and select suitable use cases.

Based on our industry knowledge, we have developed an Edge computing market forecast model to estimate the size of the edge computing market over the next 10 years (2020-2030) in terms of revenue, broken down for the entire value chain: what we call total edge computing addressable revenue. Our analysis provides country-level revenue forecasts for 186 countries, 7 regions and the world. STL Partners analysed the demand for edge computing from 20 main use cases and the projected spend over the next 10 years.

These 20 use cases are listed below with In-hospital patient monitoring displayed for illustrative purposes. Our assumptions for high-income countries show how application processing will migrate from its current locations (mainly on-device and cloud) to edge infrastructure (on-prem and network edge) during the forecast period.

The use cases that represent the biggest opportunities in 2030 are edge CDN, cloud gaming, connected car driver assistance, video ingest & analysis for production and maintenance, and edge application delivery network (ADN).

You can access STL Partner’s country-level revenue forecast and 20 uses cases in our December 2021 report Edge computing market sizing forecast

  1. Advanced predictive maintenance
  2. AR/VR for training
  3. Automated guided vehicles
  4. Cloud gaming
  5. Connected car driver assistance
  6. Contextual DOOH advertising
  7. Drone inspection and navigation
  8. Edge ADN (Application Delivery Network) & web content optimisation
  9. Edge CDN
  10. Flow analysis – video ingest and analytics
  11. In-hospital patient monitoring……..(see use case graphic below)
  12. Live video/broadcast
  13. MR for working safety & productivity
  14. Production & maintenance – video ingest and analytics
  15. Real-time collaboration in design and engineering
  16. Real-time precision monitoring and control
  17. Remote monitoring and care
  18. Security – video ingest and analytics
  19. Smart city traffic management
  20. Temporary compute for events

Edge computing forecast model and use case

Source: STL Partners

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