Webinar – Telco edge compute: which business models and how to execute them

What opportunities does edge offer?

First broadcast: 11 December 2018

In this webinar, we looked at the opportunities in distributed cloud for telcos and how they could be realised.

Applications developers need to engage to get the most out of edge possibilities. We showed a new edge use case related to augmented reality (chosen by user vote ahead of the session). And we looked at the effective business models.

Our guest presenter is from MobiledgeX, which is a leader in the edge computing movement. They aim to connect developers to power next gen devices and application centricity. It was founded by Deutsche Telekom.


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Our presenters


Dalia Adib, Senior Consultant, STL Partners

One of STL Partners’ specialists in edge, Dalia has led major consulting projects with Tier 1 operators in Europe and Asia Pacific on defining edge compute strategies. She’s also helped clients in areas like telco digital maturity, including customer engagement and digital partnerships, virtualisation and IoT.

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Jason Hoffman, President and CEO, MobiledgeX

Considered one of the architects of large-scale cloud computing, Jason founded the pioneering IaaS and software provider Joyent. As CTO for Digital Services at Ericsson, Jason lead a 30,000-person unit responsible for the company’s multinational cloud and data centre infrastructure business. He is a powerful advocate and visionary for edge.

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