Skilling up telcos for A3: New roles and where they fit (Chart)

Our recent research explored the steps telcos are looking to take and should take in order to pursue data-driven strategies in automation, analytics and AI (A3).  Our surveys on industry priorities suggest that operators recognise this need, regardless of whether they are focused on their core connectivity business or seeking to build new value beyond connectivity. A corresponding organisational shift to support this strategic goal is implied, with new A3-specific roles created at all levels of the organisation.

Even to stay competitive today, operators should be setting up bodies to manage policies, procedures and technology in new A3 areas, as well as a dedicated team to undertake analysis around value creation and risk minimisation of new A3 implementations. They should also consider a central governing authority such as a Chief Data Officer to drive an A3 agenda at the highest-level. Beyond this “basic skillset”, in the next 5 years operators will need to create a centralised team to support automation efforts across the organisation with more business-focussed roles responsible for ongoing development of vision and strategy. Where these teams might sit across an operator’s organisational structure is suggested in the diagram above.

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