Five telco B2B edge computing services

Five telco B2B edge computing services: edge-to-cloud networking, private edge infrastructure, network edge platforms, multi-edge & cloud orchestration, vertical solutions

Operators have different strategic ambitions for how edge can play a role in growing their business. Some operators view edge as an opportunity to move up the value chain, and even become a ‘onestop shop’ to meet all customers’ technology needs. Other operators see edge as extending and enhancing their core business of offering network services and are focussed on meeting the increased demands of networks that are growing physically and have more premium requirements (e.g. lower latency). Finally, some operators view edge as providing the opportunity to enter new markets e.g. the developer segment.

We have identified five types of B2B edge services telcos can offer:

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  1. Edge-to-cloud networking: Optimising connectivity between devices or premises to edges and clouds seamlessly and securely
  2. Private edge infrastructure: Providing on-premises edge clouds for customers – may be in conjunction with private cellular network
  3. Network edge platforms: IaaS / PaaS-type platforms to allow customers to use (shared) edge cloud resources, plus services to enhance applications
  4. Multi-edge & cloud orchestration: Services to better monitor and manage network and application workloads across edges and clouds (private and public)
  5. Vertical solutions: End-to-end solutions, combining networking, edge computing, applications and services

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Dalia Adib


Dalia Adib

Director, Consulting

Dalia has led numerous projects on edge computing in recent years, working closely with Tier-1 operators to identify strategic opportunities. She has also been leading projects on 5G, blockchain and IoT. Prior to STL Partners, she worked at a start-up and has a BSc in Government and Economics from LSE.

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