The Edge Podcast

The Edge Podcast brings together some of the leading thinkers and doers in the edge computing space to unpack market trends, discuss recent developments, learn about new use cases and much more.

If you want to keep up with what’s new in the edge computing world – you’re among friends! In each episode, your hosts will invite some of the leading thinkers and doers in the edge computing space to unpack market trends, discuss recent developments, learn about new use cases and much more.

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The Edge Podcast episodes

1. Meet your hosts

Edge Podcast episode 1

In this episode, we introduce the hosts: Tilly, Dalia, Matt and Ani. We talk about our edgeperiences and our favourite edge projects to date

2. The hybrid Private 5G and edge opportunity

Edge Podcast episode 2

In this episode, we sat down with Nitin Bhasin to discuss Microsoft’s activities in public and private MEC, as well as talk about some of the trends he is seeing in the industry.

3. Edge as an enabler of smart operations in manufacturing

Edge Podcast episode 3

In this episode, we invited Marko Yli-Pietilä from Stora Enso, a leading renewable materials manufacturer, to talk to us about their journey with edge computing. We discussed the company’s ambitions to achieve Smart Operations and the role of edge in enabling it.

4. What is edge orchestration and why is it needed?

Edge Podcast episode 4

For this episode, we sat down with Pep Martí who is the Co-founder and CEO of Nearby Computing, a Barcelona-based start-up working on edge orchestration. We discussed the orchestration requirements at the edge and the need to have a dedicated edge orchestrator.

5. Telcos and hyperscalers: what’s the partnership opportunity?

Edge Podcast episode 5

Today, we talk to Claude Arpin, 5G Innovation Lead at Bell Canada. Bell and AWS announced in April the general availability of the first AWS Wavelength Zone in Canada and in this episode we learn more about their experience working with AWS and working with the application developers who are the first to leverage the new edge infrastructure.

6. What’s the future of telco edge federation?

Edge Podcast episode 6

In this episode, we talked to Pai and Ken from Bridge Alliance on the topic of telco edge federation and what it can enable. We talked about timelines, challenges, success factors and who the Bridge Alliance is working with to make this happen.

7. The future of content delivery and video streaming

Edge Podcast episode 7

In this epsiode we speak to Bill, Product Officer at PhenixRTS. Phenix are a solution provider focused on the delivery of live sports programming. They’ve worked with extensively with Verizon in the US and we discuss the implications of edge computing on the future of their solution.

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