Unlocking the private 5G/LTE opportunity: drivers, challenges and how to overcome them

Private cellular networking, with 5G and LTE, is said to offer enterprises an opportunity to enable a host of different use cases, whilst delivering connectivity that is catered to enterprises’ specific needs.

It promises to not only enhance existing applications, but also unlock new applications and support their wider digital transformation journeys… But with all the hype surrounding private networking, it’s hard to tell whether it is simply another form of connectivity, or if it can truly act as an enabler of transformation.

In this webinar we demonstrate:

  • How do private cellular networks (5G or LTE) fit into enterprises’ wider strategies, and how does this vary by industry (e.g. manufacturing, oil and gas, logistics etc.)?
  • What are the key benefits of deploying private networks over alternative forms of connectivity, and what are the major challenges that different types of enterprises face when deploying them?
  • Who are the key players in the ecosystem, and what is the role for telcos?

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Our presenters


Photo of Yesmean Luk

Yesmean Luk, Senior Consultant, STL Partners

Miran Gilmore, Consultant, STL Partners

Phil Laidler

Phil Laidler, Director, STL Partners

Bob Pike, General Manager, Intel Smart Edge


Rodrigo Custodio, Service Provider and Telco Transformation Team, Dell Technologies