STL Partners’: The State of the Industry

Missing the conversations you would have had at Barcelona? Pick up a coffee and catch up from your home or office instead with some of the smartest folks we know for fresh takes on where the industry is headed.

2021: Priorities through and after COVID

  • Survey results: what’s changed for 2021?
  • What’s long-term, what will fade fast?
  • Predictions & points to watch for


  • Rainer Deutschmann, Group COO, Telia
  • Andrew Collinson, Research Director & Partner, STL Partners
  • Dean Bubley, STL Partners Associate & Director of Disruptive Analysis

What are the best new opportunities?

  • Examples in WFH and healthcare
  • How to understand and respond to rapidly changing customer needs
  • How to organise innovation


  • Amy Cameron, Principal Analyst, STL Partners
  • Anette Bohman, Strategy Director DivisionX, Telia
  • Liisa Puurunen, VP International Digital Services, Elisa

5G, Cloud and Edge Ecosystems

  • How and when will 5G & Edge leap forward?
  • Why telco cloud is vital to new opportunities
  • Developing an ecosystem: app developers, hyperscalers and NSAPs


  • Dalia Adib, Principal Consultant, Edge Practice Lead, STL Partners
  • Jennifer Didoni, Head of Cloud Portfolio Management Vodafone Business
  • Tri Pham, CSO, Tata Communications
  • Gordon Hewitt, Intl Innovation & 5G Executive, Verizon