Telco and hyperscaler strategies: how to co-exist?

Hyperscale cloud providers and telcos co-exist in an increasingly dynamic ecosystem. While telcos look to realise their ambitions and roles beyond connectivity, the hyperscalers are expanding their involvement in the telecoms industry/value chain, including in edge computing, private LTE/5G and increasingly in telco networks. In this webinar, we will explore how telcos can collaborate and partner with the hyperscalers to strengthen their respective positions, and how operators can leverage hyperscalers’ capabilities as they seek to move up the value chain. We will also be sharing learnings from our work with operators on this topic area.

This session builds on our research in this topic, which includes reports such as “Microsoft, Affirmed and Metaswitch: What does it mean for telecoms?” and “Telco edge computing: How to partner with hyperscalers

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