Webinar: Telco AI: Current status and recommended next steps

Telcos have been using machine learning and AI for many years but ChatGPT’s release and recent advancements in the availability and capabilities of AI has led to an acceleration in adoption.

AI evangelists promise autonomous networks, leaner operations, and enhanced customer experience. However, several unique challenges exist that are disrupting telco AI progress. These include, financial uncertainty, convoluted legacy technology, skill and capabilities gaps and heightened regulatory and ethical scrutiny.

To help us separate fact from fiction, we’ve held extensive conversations with 21 senior telco executives and completed a survey with 100+ telco respondents.

This webinar will present survey findings which address the following topics:

– AI strategies that balance risk and innovation
– Current telco use case maturity, and those that telcos should prioritise
– Challenges raised by AI adoption
– The role of partners in accelerating telco AI progress

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