Seizing the 5G enterprise opportunity: How to drive operator agility

The advent of 5G presents an opportunity to have agility right at the core of operators’ organisations, and the vast array of new (and as yet undefined) enterprise applications will demand the speed and flexibility that only ‘agile’ can deliver.

The term ‘agility’ has been relevant in telecoms for many years, but it is only recently that concepts around the term have crystallised into concrete developments. Today, operators hold ambitions of becoming software-centric companies, which means prioritising incremental innovation through modular, decoupled architectures and agile practices such as DevOps and CI/CD.

In this webinar, STL Partners and Ericsson will present findings from a recent interview programme on agility with senior telecoms executives globally. We share insights on what is driving agility today and best practice for achieving the agile cloud-native vision to meet the demands of 5G. We will explore:

  • Why operators should take advantage of recent enablers now to seize the enterprise opportunity
  • What key steps to take across technology, organisation and products & services to drive what we call the agility flywheel
  • How leading operators are responding to changing customer demands, digital-native competition and increasingly complex value chains

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