Webinar: Private networks market: What’s the size of the opportunity? And for whom?​

Private networks are transforming enterprise operations across industries. Many service and technology providers including telcos, vendors, system integrators and hyperscalers have joined the market and are eager to capture the opportunity and accelerate the adoption of private networks.

In this webinar we highlight the findings of our latest private networks market forecast. Drawing from our analysis and industry insights, we’ll examine the recent developments of the private networks market and how we expect the opportunity to grow.

During the session, we discuss questions such as:

– What is the projected growth of private networks from now until 2030 and what is driving the revenue opportunity?

– What are the primary sectors driving the adoption of private networks?

– What are the main challenges hindering the large-scale adoption, and how can they be addressed?

– How does the emergence of hybrid private networks and network slicing impact the development and deployment of private networks?

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