Operator strategies in cloud-native networking

As operators around the world begin to plan their deployment of 5G SA and Open RAN, the focus on adopting a ‘cloud native’ approach to networking has come to the fore. Operators agree that cloud native is inevitable for networking but how differently do they see this working in practice?

In this webinar, we will share STL’s latest research findings on the different operator strategies in approaching cloud native networking. While some operators see cloud native technology and practices as essential parts of a wider change in their operating model, there are other operators more cautiously looking to accommodate cloud native networking within existing operating and partnership models. Can both be right?


Philip Laidler, Partner – STL Partners
Matt Bamforth, Consultant – STL Partners
Todd Spraggins, Strategy Director, Communications Global Business Unit – Oracle
Darwin Janz, Senior Planner, Technology Strategy – SaskTel
Shakil Ahmed, Global Lead, Telenor Hybrid Cloud Platform – Telenor

Key topics discussed in the webinar:

  • The key benefits of a cloud native approach to networking
  • Where different operators are heading
  • Potential risks and mitigation

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