Webinar: Network APIs: Show me the money

In this webinar, we will pull insights from our recently published network API monetisation forecast, putting some numbers to one of the hottest current trends in telecoms. The webinar will touch on:

APIs: the new label for 5G monetisation? Are network APIs a product or a service? What are they enabling and why is the time right this time to make them stick?
Going beyond CPaaS: The focus so far has been on telcos reclaiming a share of the CPaaS market with APIs that share information to address anti-fraud use cases. These do present short-term revenue opportunity but longer-term growth will come from more advanced APIs that enable network instruction and configuration. The industry has less clarity on those today and our webinar will.
Use cases driving revenue: Headline-grabbing use cases demonstrate the technical capabilities of the network instruction and configuration APIs but our model uncovers less-talked about use cases that will drive the real money.
Monetisation channels and enablement value: Telcos and partners are least clear today on the commercial models and how value will be extracted from APIs. How are the various aggregation and wholesale models shaping up and can telcos avoid past mistakes of being reduced to dumb pipes? Where and how should telcos focus direct plays? What value do APIs enable in other services such as private networks and edge computing?

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