Digital BSS: Grow your EBIT by over 30%

Emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, Edge Cloud, AI, promise to open up new services and business models for operators in B2B by enabling more dynamic, cloud-native, and “as a service”, solutions. Digital BSS can support and augment delivery of such services by creating seamless and flexible back-end systems to improve customers’ and partners’ experience.

In addition to this strategic opportunity, digitising BSS and moving towards zero-touch can have a material impact on revenues and operational costs, potentially increasing EBIT by c.34%. Digitising BSS should therefore be a part of all telcos’ B2B roadmap.

In this webinar, supported by MDS Global, STL Partners will:

  • highlight the potential financial benefits of digitising BSS
  • define key digital BSS use cases and where most value can be derived
  • explore how digital BSS fits into operators’ wider strategy and a move towards cloud-native and virtualised services

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Our presenters


Chris Barraclough, Partner and Director, STL Partners

Reah Jamnadass, Consultant, STL Partners

Darius Singh, Senior Consultant, STL Partners

Akil Chomoko, CMO, MDS Global