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What is the Future Skills Tracker?

Our Future Skills Tracker is an interactive tool that tracks the penetration of nine selected skills critical for success as an agile, customer-centric, software-driven, cloud-based telecom company of the future. This data is available for a selection of 19 major telcos and 9 major technology companies (techcos).  

Within the Future Skills Tracker, you can: 

  • Learn how telcos and techcos compare when it comes to the penetration of future skills 
  • Understand progress of telcos towards being more like techcos  
  • Explore how telcos and techcos have been building these skills over the last 10+ years 
  • See the big picture across all future skills 
  • Zoom in on a specific skill or selection of skills 
  • Learn which companies have prioritised the future skills over the last 3 years and whether anything has changed over the last 12 months 
  • Choose companies for comparison of skills penetration and how long skills have been in place (tenure). 

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Definitions and methodology

Source of data 

  • The analysis is based on publicly available data from LinkedIn.


  • For every skill, STL Partners has created a list of job title key words that identify the job holder as a person working within the skill area. These key words cover job holders at all levels of seniority.  
  • The list takes into consideration the fact that different companies may have different job taxonomies. 


  • For every company, we have covered all significant known subsidiaries.