The sustainability scorecard

About the sustainability scorecard

This sustainability scorecard benchmarks the performance of a selection of companies against seven sustainability-related criteria, and is designed to highlight the areas in which the listed companies are more and less mature in their sustainability strategies. The companies listed includes telcos and small selection of others in adjacent industries (technology, infrastructure).

It supports telcos and their partners to:

  1. Benchmark sustainability performance against competitors
  2. Understand areas of relative strength
  3. Identify specific actions operators can take to embed sustainability more effectively across their organisations

Last updated: 15 February 2023

Our list of companies are scored against eight sustainability criteria including:

1. Holistic sustainability reporting. Whether the company has history of publishing sustainability reports over a period of time and discussion of sustainability-related initiatives across the organisation shows a long-term and company-wide commitment to progress.

2. Sustainability commitments and incentives. Evidence of board and employee level incentives tied to ESG targets demonstrates that the organisation sees achieving sustainability targets as core to its long term competitiveness.

3. Public reporting on scope 1, 2 and 3 with associated emission reduction targets. Detailed reporting creates confidence that the company is making tangible progress towards net-zero goals.

4. Green finance. This includes the issuing of green bonds or sustainability linked bonds, demonstrating that the organisation is building buy-in with its finance team.

5. Commitment and progress against diversity and inclusion targets. Companies with a holistic approach to sustainability will articulate progress on social and governance initiatives, and how these bring long term value to the organisation.

6. Commitment to biodiversity. Initiatives to assess and mitigate the organisation’s impact on biodiversity demonstrate forward thinking in the sustainability team.

7. Enablement. Companies that are committed to enabling their customers to reduce their carbon footprint will have concerted initiatives that are delivering measurable benefits.

8. NEW: Collaboration. Cross industry initiatives are crucial to bringing companies across the telecoms supply chain together to collectively progress standardisation on reporting and develop resources to drive sustainability agendas.

Companies included in the scorecard

  1. Telefónica
  2. Verizon
  3. Proximus
  4. KPN
  5. SK Telecom
  6. Amazon
  7. Apple
  8. Vodafone
  9. Deutsche Telekom
  10. Swisscom
  11. Google
  12. TELUS
  13. Elisa
  14. Sony
  15. Softbank
  16. KDDI
  17. Orange
  18. AT&T
  19. BT
  20. Meta
  21. Microsoft
  22. Telia
  23. Millicom
  24. Bell
  25. Singtel
  26. MTN
  27. America Movil
  28. Telenor
  29. Cellnex
  30. Saudi Telecom Company
  31. T Mobile
  32. China Mobile
  33. Telkom Indonesia
  34. Telstra
  35. Rogers
  36. Netflix
  37. Tata Communications
  38. Globe
  39. China Telecom
  40. Bharti Airtel
  41. American Tower Corporation
  42. Veon
  43. MTS
  44. Jio
  45. Digicel
  46. US Cellular
  47. Lumen
  48. Sasktel
  49. Samsung
  50. LG
  51. Maxis
  52. Telkom Malaysia
  53. Optus
  54. TPG
  55. PCCW
  56. Etisalat
  57. Ooredoo
  58. Zain
  59. Colt


  1. Huawei
  2. Ericsson
  3. Nokia
  4. Cisco
  5. ZTE
  6. Amdocs
  7. Dell
  8. HPE
  9. Qualcomm
  10. Vodacom
  11. Telkom South Africa
  12. Rakuten