Net-zero enablement use case directory

About the Telecoms Net-Zero Enablement Use Case Directory

This telecoms net-zero enablement use case directory highlights a selection of sustainability use cases that telcos could offer to their customers to enable them to reach net-zero. Each use case has one or more related case studies of companies (including, but not limited to, telcos) which highlight examples of the use case in practice.

It supports telcos and their partners to:

  • Accelerate sustainability strategy through exploring a range of real world case studies that are driving solutions across different industries and for consumers.
  • Assess the value of different enablement services through our methodology for categorising them based on their level of customer impact.
  • Drive alignment within the organisation on the proposition and requirements of use cases.

Our Telecoms net-zero enablement use case directory includes:

  • A PDF with profiles of use cases and accompanying case studies
  • An excel list of all 51 case studies and their key characteristics

To download the PDF or Excel version of our Telecoms Net Zero Enablement Use Case Directory, click the buttons below

Last updated: April 2024

Our list of use cases and case studies provide detailed insights and analysis

Each use case features the following:

  • How it works
  • How the use case enables net-zero
  • Potential ecosystem partners
  • The telco capabilities involved in the use case (e.g. 4G, 5G, edge, systems integration)

Each case study highlights:

  • A specific example of a telco or other company offering a sustainability use case
  • An overview of how the case study works
  • Key solution partners
  • STL Partners’ SWOT analysis
  • Type of sustainability service and customer impact
  • The applicable business model (e.g. B2B, B2C, B2B2X)
  • Indication of solution maturity
  • A measure of commercial opportunity 
  • Proportion of operators currently offering a similar service