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Many telcos share an ambition to be more like the technology giants, for example Microsoft or Google. These techcos are agile, customer-centric, innovative and efficient, with software-driven and cloud-based business approaches. To achieve their ambition, telcos need to secure the right talent and skills. We have identified nine skills that are critical to the success of the telco of the future.  

Our Future Skills Tracker is an interactive tool that compares the penetration of these nine “future skills” at a selection of telcos and techcos. It allows users to see the big picture across all nine skills as well as to select one or two skills and evaluate the focus areas of different companies. 

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Definitions and methodology

Source of data 

  • The analysis is based on publicly available data from LinkedIn 
  • Our analysis covers companies whose employees have a solid presence on LinkedIn. These are typically companies from Europe, the Middle East, North America and some countries in the Asia-Pacific.  
  • Where LinkedIn summarises a number (for example, 11K+), we have rounded the number down to a whole number (11,000 in this example).
  • The data is from January 2024. 


  • For every skill, STL Partners has created a list of job title key words in English to identify job holders working within the skill area. These key words cover job holders at all levels of seniority.  
  • We have made our best effort to cover the entire spectrum of job titles, acknowledging that different companies may have different job taxonomies. 


  • For every company, we have covered all significant known subsidiaries. 
  • If you want to check whether a specific subsidiary is covered, please get in touch with us.  

Acknowledged limitations

  • Bias will exist, as not all employees are present on LinkedIn. There may be a specific bias away from blue-collar workers, for example, however this bias is present for all companies covered. 
  • LinkedIn doesn’t translate all non-English profiles. In this instance, roles may not be captured in the data. 
  • The level of STL connections to a company can impact results.