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Cloud 2.0: Securing Trust to Survive the ‘One-In-Five’ CSP Shake-Out

Cloud 2.0: Securing Trust to Survive the ‘One-In-Five’ CSP Shake-Out

The Cloud market is on the verge of the next wave of market penetration, yet it’s likely that only one in five Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in today’s marketplace will still be around by 2018, as providers fail or are swallowed up by aggressive competitors. So what do CSPs need to do to survive and prosper? (October 2013, Foundation 2.0, Executive Briefing Service, Cloud & Enterprise ICT Stream.)
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Cloud 2.0- Surviving the Commoditisation Crunch

Cloud 2.0: Surviving the Commoditisation Crunch

We’re researching the current drivers and barriers to the adoption of cloud services in the enterprise market, and are now seeking input from experts and practitioners from telecoms service providers. Below is an introduction to some of the hypotheses that we are investigating by Bob Brace, Senior Analyst Telco 2.0, who leads our Cloud 2.0 Programme, and who is the …

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