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Insert copy in this box. (Date) Insert 90 x 60 image

Look at other AN’s for style (see e.g., which is essentially:

Summary: repeat teaser at the top in italics

Then Link to download full content in PDF format here (see below on how to do this).

Please use subhub download functionality on Control Panel menu. You
will need to secure a PDF – might be easiest if I do this for you once
you have it finished. You will also need to populate the download page
with summary copy and a few details on the report. See here for an example.

terms of format, bold headings then either use style Headings 1 or
Headings 3. Make sure you format copy to ‘Paragraph’ in Format above.

should be centred, 600px wide max (unless you have to go to 648 to
achieve visibilty / clarity). Dont forget headings above images
(centred, italicised) and sources below, right justified.

Extract from the report in HTML to agreed break point, then bulleted content listing as follows

To read the Analyst Note in Full, including in addition to the above…

  • content sub-head x
  • content sub-head y
  • Conclusions and Next Steps

…and additional figures…

  • Figure n – ljhlkjhklj
  • Figure m – ghjhgjhgjh.

…Members of the Telco 2.0TM Executive Briefing Subscription Service can download the full XX page report in PDF format here[REMEMBER TO LINK]. Non-Members, please see here for how to subscribe. Please email or call +44 (0) 207 247 5003 for further details.

(use standard format from other ANs, remember to link to download page etc.)