Reliance Unlimit: How to build a successful IoT ecosystem

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Reliance’s standalone IoT business Unlimit exhibits much of what it takes to be a successful ecosystem play, although it’s too early to signal it a full-grown success. How has it achieved this, what’s to come, and what should others learn?


Format: PDF filePages: 28 pagesCharts: 14Author: Saverio RomeoPublication Date: July 2020

Table of contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Four lessons from Unlimit on building IoT ecosystems
    • How Unlimit built a successful IoT ecosystem
    • What next?
  • The state of the IoT: Balancing cost and complexity
    • The benefits and challenges of the IoT
    • The sectors leading IoT adoption
    • The complexity of an IoT solution
    • The nature of business ecosystems
  • How Unlimit built a successful IoT business
    • So far, Unlimit looks like a success
    • How will Unlimit sustain leadership and growth?
  • Lessons from Unlimit’s experience

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: High-level view of an IoT architecture
  • Figure 2: IoT ecosystem player groups
  • Figure 3: Unlimit IoT architecture and strategic partners
  • Figure 4: Unlimit partner selection framework
  • Figure 5: Growth of Unlimit’s IoT ecosystem
  • Figure 6: Unlimit has built a diverse ecosystem of certified vertical and technology partners
  • Figure 7: Key Unlimit customers by sector
  • Figure 8: The technological complexity of realising Industry 4.0
  • Figure 9: Unlimit’s Industry 4.0 customers, use cases and partners
  • Figure 10: High-level view of Unlimit’s supply chain solutions
  • Figure 11: Unlimit’s supply chain customers, use cases, and partners
  • Figure 12: Unlimit’s connected vehicle solutions and partners
  • Figure 13: Unlimit is seeking to expand in four areas
  • Figure 14: The four stages of Unlimit’s growth

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