NFV/SDN deployment pathways: Three telco futures

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NFV/SDN is one factor driving radical change in telco business models. This report explores the three archetypal telco NFV/SDN implementation strategies that we’ve found in the market, and the different telco business models each will result in.


Format: PDF filePages: 59 pagesCharts: 14Author: David MartinPublication Date: January 2018

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction: Three pathways to virtualisation
  • Pathways and operator examples
  • Vodafone: Technology evolution towards the software-enabled network
  • Colt: Customer-led innovation of the ‘Network Cloud’
  • Deutsche Telekom: Organisational transformation towards the ‘network-enabled compute service provider’
  • Conclusion: The three fundamental strategic choices for telcos around SDN / NFV

Table of Figure

  • Figure 1: Pathways to virtualization
  • Figure 3: Vodafone’s publicised live NFV / SDN deployments in Europe
  • Figure 4: Vodafone’s virtualisation roadmap for 2017/8
  • Figure 5: SFR’s published NFV / SDN deployment
  • Figure 6: Colt’s SDN and NFV deployments
  • Figure 7: Colt’s on-demand service launches
  • Figure 8: Colt’s network and service development roadmap to 2020
  • Figure 9: Colt’s target SDN / NFV architecture
  • Figure 10: Business-model transformation – comparison between Vodafone and Colt
  • Figure 11: Verizon’s commercial SDN / NFV deployments
  • Figure 12: Deutsche Telekom’s commercial SDN / NFV deployments
  • Figure 13: Comparison of SDN / NFV development strategies of Deutsche Telekom, AT&T and Telefónica
  • Figure 14: Three choices for telcos around SDN/NFV

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: Business Model, nfv, NFV/SDN, Software-defined Networking (SDN), Strategy, Telecoms