Edge computing market sizing forecast: Third release

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Our report forecasts $462bn in global demand for edge computing services in 2030. We explore the global demand for on-prem, network, and regional edge represented by 20 use cases and 16 verticals. The forecast helps telcos and other edge providers to identify which areas of the market and the value chain are most suitable for them to capture.

This is the third release of STL’s edge computing revenue forecast. In this release, we update the forecast and refine our model by splitting estimated edge platform revenues from application revenues.

Note: the Excel dataset is not included with this product. To purchase access to this dataset get in touch at contact@stlpartners.com


Format: PDF filePages: 35Charts: 11Author: Emma BucklandPublication Date: December 2023

Table of Contents

  • Executive summary
  • Key forecast updates for 2024
    • Revenue by value chain
    • Revenue by vertical
    • Revenue by use case
    • Revenue by country
  • Methodology
  • Further reading

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Changes to our total edge computing addressable revenue forecast, 2020-2030
  • Figure 2: Total edge computing addressable revenue by value chain component, 2020-2030
  • Figure 3: Total edge computing addressable revenue by vertical, 2023, 2027 and 2030
  • Figure 4: Largest contributing verticals by edge infrastructure, 2023, 2027 and 2030
  • Figure 5: Total edge computing addressable revenue by region: 2030
  • Figure 6: Total edge infrastructure revenue (on-premises, network and regional) by country, 2030
  • Figure 7: Total edge platform revenues globally, 2020-2030
  • Figure 8: Comparison of total addressable edge revenues by vertical in 2030 between this year and last year’s forecast
  • Figure 9: Edge ADN revenues by industry vertical, 2027
  • Figure 10: Changes to our edge CDN revenue forecast, 2020-2030
  • Figure 11: Edge computing modelling approach



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