Data-driven telecoms: navigating regulations

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Regulation of data-driven business can help telecoms differentiate from Internet players, but also comes when telco products and processes increasingly use and monetise data. How should telecoms companies adapt? A must-read for those engaged in data-driven businesses.


Format: PDF filePages: 45 pagesCharts: 8Author: Rosalind CravenPublication Date: December 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Important trends in data governance regulation
    • Regulation of the processing, storage and use of personal data
    • Regulation of industrial data
  • Regulation of digital markets
    • The Digital Markets Act: Governing digital monopolies
    • The US approach to digital market regulation
  • A global perspective – how EU and US digital regulation trends are spreading around the world
    • The Globalisation of the EU Regulation: The Brussels Effect
    • Digital Economy Governance in the US Foreign Policy
    • Digital in the EU-US Transatlantic Relationship
    • A Patchwork of Digital Agreements in Asia
    • A New Global Framework on Cross-Border Data Flows
  • Conclusion
    • Advice for Telcos

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1 – Significant types of digital regulation
  • Figure 2 – A global market
  • Figure 3 – The silicon valley consensus
  • Figure 4 – Criteria for designating a gatekeeper
  • Figure 5 – Summary of rules for gatekeepers
  • Figure 6 – The Brussels effect
  • Figure 7 – Major EU-US governing events in transatlantic data flows
  • Figure 8 – Balancing priorities

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