Coordinating the care of the elderly

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Telcos are well placed to enable the healthcare sector to meet the rising demand for secure and reliable in-home monitoring and treatment for the elderly and infirm.


Format: PDF filePages: 46 pagesCharts: 14Author: David PringlePublication Date: April 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Barriers to more in-home healthcare
  • Introduction
  • Why healthcare needs to change
    • Rising demand for continuous healthcare
    • The particular needs of the elderly
    • Shift to value-based care
    • Demands for personalised healthcare and convenience
  • How healthcare is changing
    • Barriers to more in-home healthcare
  • Implementation options
    • Working with wearables
    • Cameras and motion sensors
    • The connectivity
    • Analysing the data
  • How telcos are tackling healthcare
    • KPN: Covering most of the bases
    • Tele2 and Cuviva: Working through healthcare centres
    • Vodafone and Vision: An expensive system for Alzheimer’s
    • Telefónica’s Health Moonshot
    • AT&T: Leveraging a long-standing brand
  • Conclusions and recommendations
    • Recommendations

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Across the world, average life expectancy is rising towards 80
  • Figure 2: Spending on healthcare is rising except in low income countries
  • Figure 3: Absolute health spending in high income countries is far ahead of the rest
  • Figure 4: The potential benefits of personalised healthcare
  • Figure 5: Investors are backing companies developing patient empowerment tools
  • Figure 6: More and more money is pouring into health tech start-ups
  • Figure 7: CarePredict’s sophisticated wristband includes a swappable battery
  • Figure 8: The MedWand is a compact multi-purpose diagnostic device
  • Figure 9: The Pria pill dispenser is designed to make adherence straightforward
  • Figure 10: The activity data that can be collected by an in-home monitoring system
  • Figure 11: Where telcos can add value to the elderly care market
  • Figure 12: Sensara’s suite of connected sensors for homes and apartments
  • Figure 13: The Keruve smart watch is designed to appeal to older people
  • Figure 14: High-level recommendations for telcos targeting in-home healthcare

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 5G, AI, AT&T, Authentication, COVID-19, Data Management, digital health, edge computing, Healthcare, IoT, KPN, Machine Learning, Privacy, remote monitoring, Smart Home, Tele2, Telefonica, Vodafone, wearables