Building telco edge: Why multi-cloud will dominate

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Developing edge-enabled services is complicated; there are key decisions to be made at each level of the value chain, starting with infrastructure. Leveraging results from a survey conducted by STL Partners with 150 CSPs, this report outlines why edge infrastructure will be multi-cloud and what telcos should do about it.


Format: PDF filePages: 22 pagesCharts: 12Author: Dalia AdibPublication Date: October 2021

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Executive Summary
    • There are three key factors to consider to build the CSP edge
    • The edge will be multi-(edge) cloud
    • CSPs must build capabilities and partnerships today to support their edge business
  • Defining the edge
  • Laying down the foundations: Options for building the CSP edge
    • Convergence
    • Organisation
    • Hyperscaler partnerships
  • There is no single edge – it is multi-cloud
  • Conclusions and recommendations: What CSPs should do next
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Most hyperscaler-CSP activity is to support CSPs’ ability to monetise edge for third parties
  • Figure 2: The spectrum of edge computing locations 7
  • Figure 3: Defining edge computing within telecoms
  • Figure 4: Types of edge services and business models
  • Figure 5: The edge value chain
  • Figure 6: CSPs in Asia Pacific are generally more favourable to having converged edge infrastructure
  • Figure 7: Budget holders of edge infrastructure for NFVi differ from those for third-party applications
  • Figure 8: Commercial and technical teams have different business priorities
  • Figure 9: Most hyperscaler-CSP activity is to support CSPs’ ability to monetise edge for third parties
  • Figure 10: Example of hyperscaler-CSP partnerships in edge computing
  • Figure 11: Edge infrastructure will be a hybrid of hyperscaler-provided and CSP-built
  • Figure 12: Differing opinions across regions on which cloud provider is the preferred partner for edge computing

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: Cloud, developer, edge, Platform, Telco