Achieving eCommerce best practice through data advancements

There are clear benefits to operators who successfully implement A3 (analytics, artificial intelligence and automation) within their organisation.

  • Analytics: Collecting and analysing data to drive better decision-making
  • Artificial intelligence: Using computing capabilities to perform human cognitive functions
  • Automation: Replacing or supporting activities that require human input with machines

This is evident in the industry’s investment in multiple telco domains, albeit with varying levels of maturity. Example use cases include:

  • Personalised marketing and call centre augmentation in sales and marketing
  • Customer value management and troubleshooting in customer experience
  • Infrastructre planning and predictive maintenance in network planning and operations
  • AI-as-a-service and product development and augmentation in service innovation
  • Supply chain management and SLA risk modelling in other operations

For more information, check our report A3 for telcos: Mapping the financial value